Commercial Escrow

Our Commercial Escrow Services

The escrow process is a safe means of managing one’s resources in high-yield commercial real estate transactions. With commercial escrow services, the funds for the purchase of the commercial property are placed in a third party, escrow trust account until all obligations, such as the title report and insurance, have been adequately satisfied by all parties.


Why Southern California Chooses Us for Commercial Escrow

Southern California trusts Wood Ranch Escrow, Inc. for escrow services due to our proven track record, experience and personal attention to our clientele.  Our experienced escrow team now heads our proud presence here and has a wealth of experience in real estate transactions.


How Our Commercial Escrow Services Work for You

Commercial escrow, have their own specialized requirements. Let the experienced agents at Wood Ranch Escrow handle all your commercial escrow needs. We have worked with commercial properties of all sizes and our experienced escrow team will listen to your concerns and incorporate your vision into an actionable plan. If you are purchasing or selling a commercial property, ensure a smooth and expedient process and retain the right team to represent your interests. Contact us to learn more about our commercial escrow services or get started on your commercial escrow today!

For inquiries about our commercial  escrow services, please email us at: or call us at (805) 582-1121