Consumer Complaint Policy

Wood Ranch Escrow, Inc. maintains a procedure for resolving consumer complaints to promote an important goal to provide quality service.

Upon receipt of a grievance from a consumer, the escrow officer handling the escrow file process is the first person to identify the nature of the complaint.  While it is preferred that the consumer put the grievance in writing, Wood Ranch Escrow, Inc. accepts complaints regardless of how they are presented.

Intake as to the nature of the complaint as to one of poor service, non-compliance with the terms of the escrow, dissatisfaction with service or other matter is documented by the escrow officer.  The escrow officer logs the information into a Complaint Log.

If the escrow officer cannot resolve the consumer complaint, once it is validated, the consumer complaint is routed to the escrow manager of the office processing or who processed the escrow transaction.   Thereafter, if the escrow manager cannot resolve the consumer complaint, it is forwarded to the designated management person to respond to and work towards resolution of the consumer complaint.

Management of Wood Ranch Escrow, Inc. periodically reviews the consumer complaint information to confirm they were responded to timely and to determine if there are improvements that may be made in escrow processing procedures.

Employees of Wood Ranch Escrow, Inc. who process escrow files and interface with consumers are trained from hire in the consumer complaint resolution process.


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